Author: cherish the moon In fact, it is a kind of habit that you have him and he has you in his life. Two people get along with each other for a long time, naturally. --Inscription Some people often say that I really don't have someone, but I'm used to him in my life, as if I can't live without him. I don't know that love itself is a habit, not a habit of not loving, but a habit of loving and being addicted to. Love is blind at first. Sometimes we don't know whether we love each other or not, and where the other attracts us. But one thing is for sure if you like to be with someone and want to see him every day, if you don't see him every day, at least it can prove that you like him. Of course, the first impression is very important. Generally speaking, most people like to judge people by their appearance. If the other side is handsome, beautiful and in line with his own aesthetic point of view, he has a plan for the next step. If you hate each other when you meet for the first time, you can hardly sing. But there is one kind of people to be excluded. For example, some people like to pursue each other and come up with various ways to please each other. But as long as you are sincere, I think some people will be moved by your sincerity sooner or later. People are some animals, you are so enthusiastic, the temperature has spread to the hearts of others, others can not shake it? Most of the time, love is a persistence, which is called keeping the clouds open to see the sunrise.